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Integrated system of care


Kaiser Permanente treats every patient as an individual with specific needs. Our integrated system of care adapts to you, supporting you along your health journey in the way that fits you best.

Seamless connections

When you see our doctors, you don’t fill out forms. Each appointment is tracked in your electronic medical record to keep our care team up to date on you. Once the visit is over, you can pick up your prescription before leaving our facility. And then order refills on the KP app for delivery to your home.

That's because our physicians, pharmacy, labs, X-ray, health plan, facilities—it’s all one system. All working together, to make better health as simple as possible.

Personalized delivery

When it’s time to make a care decision, you’re not alone. Our award-winning doctors,1​ specialists, and pharmacies are all connected to you—and each other—through the electronic medical record. They know your overall health picture. Pre-existing conditions. Medications. Diet.

So, whether you’re seeing your doctor at one of our facilities or a specialist by video visit2​ on your phone, they all have your latest info and are consulting with each other to produce the best health results.

Convenient access

When you need to get care, how is up to you. Email a specialist. Call our 24/7 nurse line for advice. See your doctor by video.2​ Check test results online. In our integrated ​ system, you choose the delivery method.

These are all core system components, not add-ons, so quality is built into every experience. We don’t outsource these services to providers who don’t know our patients' medical histories. So, whether it’s online, by phone, via video, or in person, our caregivers all share the same information, so they can resolve issues more efficiently to get you healthier faster.

Our system of care is built around you

Everyone on our care team is connected to you. They know your medical history, and work together to help produce the best outcomes for your health.

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1 The physicians who practice at Kaiser Permanente are recognized as Top Doctors in Northern Virginia Magazine​ (2021), Washingtonian​ magazine (2020), and Baltimore​ magazine (2020).

2 Video visits are for certain medical or mental health conditions, and are available to Kaiser Permanente members who have a camera-equipped computer or mobile device and are registered at You must be present in DC, MD, or VA for video visits with your primary care physician or behavioral health provider. For urgent video visits with an emergency doctor, you may also be present in WV, FL, NC, or PA. For video visits with a behavioral health provider, appointments can be scheduled for follow-up care.

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